What Is The Normal Blood Sugar Level For An Adult?

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When a doctor is determining whether or not a person is diabetic, he does so by comparing the patient’s blood sugar levels against the norm. So, what is the normal blood sugar level for an adult? Well, the answer to that question is going to vary a little bit based on a few different things, but it is actually really quite straightforward. The main thing to keep in mind is that the normal blood sugar level for diabetics is the exact same as it is for anyone else. The only difference is that diabetics have more difficulty in keeping it in that range.

Normal Fasting Blood Sugar Level
Blood sugar readings vary throughout the day based on when you eat, what you eat, how much insulin your body produces, how your body produces insulin, and many other factors. Needless to say, your blood sugar levels are going to be lowest first thing in the morning, after you have fasted overnight while you are sleeping. Consider the following normal blood sugar level chart for fasting blood glucose:

Normal Fasting Blood Sugar: Between 70 mg/dL and 95 mg/dL
Impaired Fasting Blood Sugar (Prediabetes): Between 96 mg/dL and 125 mg/dL
Diabetes Level Blood Sugar: 126 mg/dL or Higher

Normal Random or Postprandial Blood Sugar Level
As you begin your day, engage in various activities, and consume your meals, your body will respond by transferring glucose from your food into the blood, which is then taken into the cells with the help of insulin. Though levels are going to vary somewhat throughout the day, blood sugar levels will be at their highest one to two hours after eating. Consider the following normal postprandial blood sugar level chart when determining what is the normal blood sugar level for an adult after eating:

Normal Postprandial Blood Sugar: 120 mg/dL or Lower
Impaired Postprandial Blood Sugar Level: Between 121 mg/dL and 159 mg/dL
Diabetes Level Postprandial Blood Sugar: 160 mg/dL or Higher

The Normal Blood Glucose Level Will Vary Throughout The Day

Knowing what is the normal blood sugar level for an adult is the first step in not only determining whether or not you have diabetes in the first place, but in managing the condition if, in fact, you do have it. Remaining within a normal range of blood sugar level readings is the best way that a diabetic can protect his good health.

The levels that we have presented here are a bit lower than those that are generally recommended by the American Diabetes Association, but recent research supports the theory that the body still accumulates damage even at the recommended levels, and that they should be lowered.

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