How to Overcome Depression Naturally

by Tim

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For those who suffer from depression it can seem at times as if there is nothing they can do to help themselves, but there are some simple, natural steps you can take that may make a difference and perhaps help you overcome depression without medication.

One of the most widely acknowledged ways to overcome depression naturally is through exercise. This may be swimming, dancing, playing a team sport or simply going for long walks in the fresh air. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain – those “feel good” chemicals that can brighten your mood and make you feel more positive and healthy mentally as well as physically. When you are in the grip of depression it can be hard to force yourself to even get out of bed, let along go to the gym or take part in a sport, but if you do it will be worth the effort.

For mild depression, many people want to avoid taking prescription medication and a good natural alternative is St Johns Wort, a herbal remedy which has been the subject of extensive research worldwide. The general consensus is that in many sufferers, it can ease depression just as effectively as prescribed medication. Of course, as with any oral remedy, it makes sense to do your research first; it is generally a well-tolerated remedy, however, with only minor side effects reported in a small percentage of cases.

Counseling or therapy is another way in which you can overcome depression. A trained professional who is experienced in the field will be able to introduce you to certain therapies and techniques you can try. Some people benefit hugely from therapy, others not so much, but it is definitely worth a try. Sometimes simply talking to someone you do not know (i.e. not a friend or family member) can be really cathartic and enlightening.

Some other tips to overcome depression are to try to make sure that you get enough sleep, work to maintain good health, eat a healthy, balanced diet and avoid alcohol and other stimulants, which can have a depressive effect. Of course, when you are suffering from depression, it can be difficult to get out of bed in the morning, let alone eat a nutritious breakfast, but if you can take small steps each day to look after your physical health, you may find that your mental and emotional health improves too. Combining this with some or all of the tips outlined above will give you a good chance of overcoming depression naturally.

If you have any worries or further questions, do not hesitate to contact your health professional.

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