4 Herbs to Lower Blood Sugar

by Tim

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As people are looking for alternatives to the expenses of modern medicine, they are searching more and more frequently for natural remedies, such as herbs to lower blood sugar for people who are suffering from diabetes. Though there are many such herbs that have shown to be promising in the control of diabetes, some blood sugar herbs are more readily available and more familiar to the modern everyday person. The purpose of this article is to outline four of the most popular herbs for blood sugar available.

The most widely known and respected blood sugar herb remedy on the market is cinnamon. Cinnamon has been used for many years to maintain a normal blood sugar level, specifically in the form of cassia. Though it needs to be used regularly for its full effects to be seen, consuming about one to two teaspoons of ground cinnamon with each meal has been found to be beneficial to controlling blood sugar.

Fenugreek is taken in a similar manner as cinnamon, and is another of the herbs to lower blood sugar that can be added directly to food instead of having to consume it as a capsule or supplement. Care should be taken, as it is closely related to soybeans, peanuts, and peas, to which many people have allergies.

Ginseng has been a very popular herb in the treatment of quite a few different conditions in China for thousands of years. Though the exact method of action is not known, ginseng is thought to be beneficial in the lowering of blood sugar levels after eating. Some speculate that it directly stimulates the release of insulin, while others believe that it improves insulin resistance in the body.

Though there has not been a great deal of research conducted on whether stevia is able to directly influence blood sugar levels, its greatest benefit lies in its ability to function as a non-caloric sweetener, and its ability to take the place of sugar in many dishes. It does not raise blood sugar at all, making it a useful substitute for people with blood sugar control issues.

There are other herbs that lower blood sugar available on the market, but the four that we have covered here are the most widely available for most people and are also the ones most easily incorporated into a modern diet. Just remember that you should not depend solely on herbs to lower blood sugar without making the other necessary lifestyle changes in order to support good health, such as regular exercise and a proper diet. If you are taking any prescription medication or if your blood sugar is extremely high, it is best to proceed under the supervision of your doctor to avoid any potential problems.

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