Why People Wear Compression Tights

by Tim

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Compression tights are a very different thing from not only regular socks, but even the tights that you would normally think of people wearing. They are made to apply graduated pressure to the leg, with the highest pressure at the ankle and slowly tapering off along the leg until the compression is lowest at the top. There are many different reasons why people choose to wear them, ranging from improved athletic performance to supporting healthy cardiovascular function in the legs and feet.

There are several varieties that are intended to be used in an athletic context, and are being made by many different manufacturers. The most popular that you will find are Skins Compression Tights and 2XU Compression Tights. Since they are designed for athletic use, there are a few things that will set them apart from those that are used in a medical capacity. They are molded with the movement and contraction of the muscles in mind, and are designed to help support not only the cardiovascular system, but the muscles as well in order to help prevent injury. They are intended to benefit endurance, agility, to ease the discomfort of recovery, and to prevent injury.

Medical compression tights, however, are designed with the sole intention of supporting healthy blood circulation throughout the legs. In cases of bad circulation, varicose veins, edema, and deep vein thrombosis, they are one of the primary methods of treatment. There is even a specific subsection of maternity compression tights that are intended to help ease the swelling and discomfort that many women experience as a result of their pregnancy.

Aside from the waist-high tights that you are probably picturing, there are additional varieties that you will want to keep in mind if you have specific needs. If you are a man and need to wear compression hosiery due to an injury or ailment and do not want anyone to know that you are wearing medical hosiery, you may want to consider a subset of mens compression tights that are better labeled as compression socks, as they are knee-high socks and are made to look just like regular dress socks, making it virtually impossible for anyone to casually be able to tell that there is anything special about them.  In the case of diabetics, wearing compression socks is one of the best proactive health tips we can offer you.

Compression tights are more than just the latest fad in sportswear, though they are becoming popular with athletes in many different disciplines, from basketball to cycling. They are also useful when it comes to supporting poor circulation in the legs and aid in the treatment of a number of different circulatory disorders. Whatever your reason for wanting to try them, be sure that you size them correctly in order to ensure that you get the best compression tights for your body, which makes sure that you get the most benefit you can from them. The health and performance of your legs are definitely worth the effort.

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