For sufferers of varicose veins and poor blood circulation, the pain assigned with this condition can be unbearable. The lack of blood flow can cause cramping, fatigue, and numbness shortly after walking or running. Although elevating the legs is a temporary relief, it is only a quick fix. These circulation problems can be not only uncomfortable, but cause a man or woman to not lead a healthy and active life. Medical compression socks are physician approved and a great alternative to surgical procedures.

The compression sock is a specialized piece of hosiery that is designed to provide the legs and foot extra support while stimulating increased blood circulation for those who sport this effective compression hosiery. Although these compression socks look similar to traditional knee high dress socks, they are actually specially designed to ensure good health by functioning as medical therapeutic leg wear.

Mens compression socks and women’s compression socks alike, offers a graduated pressure application. Unlike traditional socks, the compression sock is designed of stronger elastic materials such as rubber, spandex and Lycra. These materials assist the compression process in creating significant pressure on the surface veins, muscles and arteries that force blood in motion. The pressure causes the blood to flow back to the heart and eliminates blood pooling at the feet that is what causes the pain and numbing affect. Support socks are tighter at the ankles, and are less constricting as it moves upward in knee high compression socks.

There Are Many Styles And Brands of Compression Socks Available

While this specialized hosiery was originally invented to ensure the good health of sufferers of circulatory problems, everyday people have found these socks to be not only beneficial but also comfortable. It is recommended to wear these socks during long flights due to the compression changes in the planes cabin during flight. These socks have also become popular among athletes, who have found that they make their muscles more efficient during long distance cross-country and marathons.

There has been an increase of medical leg wear manufacturers hitting the market since the increase in popularity in the early 1970’s. Dr. Scholls has released an over the calf compression sock available in black and sizes small through extra large. Another medical compression sock known worldwide for their quality hosiery is Jobst Medical Leg Wear. Either of these will have something to offer for those with medical problems or athletes.

So no matter the need for supportive leg wear, there are affordable options on the market for you to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. From Jobst medical legwear to Scholl’s to Futuro, there are many options to choose from.

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